Sci/Tech Apps

Please note that prices on this page are for the Australian iTunes store.  International Prices and availability will vary.  Universal Apps will work on both iPhone and iPad. iPhone Apps usually work well on iPads.


You in Space – Publisher: Mihkel Mannamaa, Price: 99 cents, iPhone (works well on iPads too.) You In Space - Mihkel Männmaa

Fun Science App that calculates your age and weight (in kilograms, pounds or stone) on different planets.  Simply input your age and weight into the App and then you can swipe through each planet, the moon, the Sun and Pluto to see how much you would weigh and how old you would be on each.


School A to Z – Publisher: NSW Department of Education and Communities, Universal, Free.  School A to Z - NSW Department of Education and CommunitiesAlso available for Android if you follow the links on the School A to Z website.

There are activities and useful references in this versatile App.  The Technology section features an alphabetical list of technology terms.  You can also browse by topic but I have to warn you that there is only one topic listed: Technology!  Each term is explained in terms of definition, why it might be useful, and what parents need to keep in mind.  An essential resource for all parents and teachers, particularly those less technology-savvy.

2 Responses to “Sci/Tech Apps”

  1. Ashley 06/03/2015 at 12:39 am #

    How do you update toca town?

    • Sarah DeBellis 16/03/2015 at 10:12 am #

      Hi Ashley. Sorry for the delay. The easiest way is if you are on an iPad or iPhone – open the App Store app and then click “Updates” at the bottom of the main page. It should have any app updates there. If you are on a PC or Mac where you back up your device, open iTunes, go to libraries and select apps. Across the top of the screen you should see My apps, My iPhone apps etc, and Updates. Go to the updates section and you’ll see any updates there. You can then download then sync your device.

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