Word Games

Please note that prices on this page are for the Australian iTunes store and were correct at the time of writing. International Prices and availability will vary.  Universal Apps will work on both iPhone and iPad.

Word Search Puzzles

ABC Word Puzzle – Publisher: iKidsPad, Price:  Free, iPad only ABCWordPuzzle - IKIDSPAD LLC

Designed for young children  in lower to middle primary.  Three levels of difficulty, the easiest with a list of 6 words hidden in a 6×6 grid, and the hardest with a list of 10 words hidden in a 12×12 grid.  Extensive list of high-frequency words put into puzzles at random.  Each word has a picture beside it illustrating the word.  A hints option removes some letters from the grid.  Words will be spoken if tapped and after they have been highlighted in the grid. Advertisements that sponsor the app disappear when you turn off internet/Wi-Fi.

Jumbo WordsearchPublisher: Lightwood Consultancy Ltd, Price:  Free Jumbo Wordsearch - Lightwood Consultancy Ltd

Eleven word list themes (with more themes promised by the publisher)  and three levels of difficulty are available, each with the grid size and number of hidden words increasing at each level. .  A new puzzle is generated each time. You can change the colour scheme to suit your own taste.  No ads and no direct links to social networking sites,  but there are some links to their games forums and an information page.

WordSearch Machine –  Publisher:  Digiluna/Luca Naddei, Price: Free, iPhoneWordSearch Machine - Naddei Luca

Generates random word search puzzles with words from eight themes, including Cities of the World, Animals, Greek Mythology, Works (Occupations) and Countries.  Grids are available in four sizes, from 8×8 to 11×11.  There are options for changing the font used, turning sound effects off, and you can also access instructions, FAQs and a help feature through the Options.  A mystery sentence appears after the words have been found.  This puzzle is suitable for all ages, however older students and adults will probably recognise more of the vocabulary. Links to GameCenter.

Wordsearch – Publisher: Finblade, Price: 99 cents, Universal WordSearch - FinBlade

Simple controls, lots of stunning backgrounds that are selected at random (you can turn off any you don’t like), and randomly generated puzzles. What makes this app special is that you can create your own word list using your child’s spelling lists, theme words, family names or any others you’d like.  It is very easy to enter the words, the only restriction being that they need to be between 5 and 8 letters in length.  Each puzzle has 12 words hidden in a 12×12 grid

Ultimate Word Search – Publisher: EnsenaSoft, Price:  99 cents, UniversalUltimate Word Search (Wordsearch) - EnsenaSoft

Visually attractive app, with several screen themes.  23 word lists in English, including some covering parts of speech, plus lists also available in French, German, Spanish and Portuguese.  Puzzles are generated randomly.  Access to online dictionaries to look up unfamiliar words.  Suitable for all ages, although older students will recognise more words.  Discreet links to Facebook and Twitter on the main page, and there links with Game Center and OpenFeint.  A free version of Ultimate Word Search is also available.

2 Responses to “Word Games”

  1. Nicklas Persson 11/12/2014 at 12:22 am #

    Wordfeud Competitor Wordchallenge is also a new and different Wordgame app.

    I created this app to increase my own vocabulary in the English language. I’m from Sweden. And it works. I just play and have fun.

    Wordfeud Competitor Wordchallenge


    • Sarah DeBellis 07/01/2015 at 11:37 am #

      That looks great. I’m downloading it now to check it out. Thanks for sharing.

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