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Nott Won’t Sleep

26 Nov

I’m sure I’m not the only parent in the world with a child who won’t sleep.  My children always seem to have something they need to do first: get a drink, read “just one more” story, or (my favourite) they’ve just remembered they have to go to school tomorrow dressed as an elephant/pirate/explorer/storybook character and need to pull the entire contents out of the dress up box and my wardrobe.  Nott has things she needs to do too, but they are a bit different to our nightly tasks.  She needs to light her nightlight, say goodnight to the moon, and rescue her teddy bear.  Gradually Nott gets sleepier and finally falls asleep with her favourite bear.

Everything about this app is beautiful, gentle, and perfect for settling over-tired crabby children.  Peaceful music plays throughout, the illustrations are beautiful but not over-stimulating, and Nott’s increasing sleepiness helps set the restful tone.

Nott has saved Nox, and is getting sleepier, but she has two more tasks before bed.

At the start of the adventure, Nott is full of beans, bouncing on her bed and not the least bit tired.  As her adventures unfold, Nott starts to tire and you can see this in her posture and face.  I found myself yawning each time Nott yawned!  It doesn’t matter which order you choose to complete the activities.

  • Forest friends – help Nott catch fireflies and play a gentle game of peekaboo with her animal friends, who fall asleep as they are “caught.”  The fireflies help to light Nott’s lamp.
  • Rescue Nox – Nox the bear is adrift on a lake.  Help find items to help rescue him and bring him to Nott.
  • Goodnight moon – Help Nott find the moon behind the clouds and then brighten it up.

After each activity is complete, you can turn off the lamp, put the moon to sleep and send Nox and Nott to bed, tucking them in. Continue reading

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