Little Lost Note

11 Apr

lostnoteLittle Lost Note is the story of, well, a little lost note. The note wanders through the story looking for the instrument it belongs to, encountering a piano, guitar, trumpet and drums throughout the story. We get to explore the sounds made by these instruments until the Little Lost Note finally finds the way home to her right instrument.



  • Interactive elements – The major interactive elements occur when the Little Lost Note meets the different instruments and you get to play them. The piano is similar to those piano simulation apps you may have seen, and you can tap a couple of notes at a time to play chords. We had fun strumming the guitar and even more fun when we found we could tap the fret markings and change the notes. The trumpet was a little trickier, until we found that you had to hold down the keys and tap the mouthpiece at the same time. It was interesting to find that each combination of keys on the trumpet can produce both a high and low sound. You can skip straight to the instruments via buttons on the front page of the app.
  • Other Interactive Elements – Each page features some fun interactive elements, some of which repeat on other pages. Tap on a pile of dirt and Mole may appear (or disappear), birds might sing etc.
  • Narration – The narration is clear and well – for a quiet, calm story.  We love the British accent.  You can turn narration off on the main page.  We couldn’t find any way of making the story repeat, except by flipping the page back and forth.
  • Highlighted Text – The text highlights as it is read, which is very supportive of emergent readers.
  • Nighttime Mode – If you tap on the ZZzzz (in the top left of each page) to activate a special mode for calm, quiet, bedtime reading.  The app dims to a level that makes a comfortable read in a darkened bedroom.
  • Background Music – The background music is delightful, and you can listen for the different instruments that appear in the story.
  • Illustrations – I love the original, colourful illustrations that are not too bright for a calm, bedtime story.  There is a lot of clear space left for the text to display without it being obscured by different elements on the page.

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Using the App

Our order at the cafe was going to take 15 minutes: nothing for me, but an age for Mr 2.  A good story was on order, so Mr 2 snuggled up beside, we opened my iPad case, and we opened Little Lost Note. Ahhhhh – Peace and happiness until the food arrived.  We had a lovely time exploring the story together, and now we share the story often.  Mr 2 is very taken with the story itself, but particularly loves playing the instruments. Every time we get to the piano section, he gets me to play “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and sings along.

See the app in action in this YouTube trailer.

Wish List

  • Interactive Text Elements – I’d love to be able to tap words and hear them spoken aloud.  This would be great for those who are trying to read independently, but who have struggles with the odd word.  It would also be useful to have a way of repeating the narration on each page.


Little Lost Note is a lovely, gentle story that is great for some quiet reading time. It is also a great introduction to different instruments, and children will enjoy “playing” these instruments and experimenting with the sounds they make.  Even without the Nighttime mode activated, it is a gentle, calming story that my toddler loves and it is one I’ll be keeping on my iPad for those times when my toddler is a little overwhelmed, over-stimulated, and in need of a quiet, calm story.

This review was originally published on The Appy Ladies website.  Thanks to Box of Frogs Media for the opportunity to trial and review this lovely app.

Publisher:  Box of Frogs Media
Price: $3.79
iTunes Link – Little Lost Note

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