You in Space

15 May

You in Space is a fun Science App that calculates your age and weight on different planets.  Simply input your age and weight into the App and then you can swipe through each planet, the moon, the Sun and Pluto to see how much you would weigh and how old you would be on each.

Weight can be entered as Kilograms, Stones or Pounds.  Age is entered in years.

Although it is a bit of fun, the App would be a good way to highlight the differences between length of orbit of the different planets.  It would also be a great way of introducing the concept of how gravity affects weight.

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My children have enjoyed playing with this App and we have had some interesting conversations on why you would weigh less on some planets and greater on others. It probably isn’t one we would use often, but I could see it being used in Astronomy and Physics as a fun way of introducing related concepts.

Suitable for all ages (although calculating your weight on Jupiter may be alarming for some!)

Publisher: Mihkel Mannamaa
Price: 99 cents
iPhone (works well on iPads too.)
You In Space - Mihkel Männmaa

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