Paint my Wings by Toca Boca

25 May

Paint My Wings by Toca Boca is a Painting and Creativity App where children paint the wings of butterflies in symmetrical patterns.  At first, there might not seem to be a lot to this app, but when you look closer you’ll see that, as well as being a fun painting activity, Paint My Wingscan also help children develop the early Mathematical and Scientific concepts of patterns and symmetry.

Playing with the App

Children see a butterfly with blank wings.  Several berries on the left of the screen provide the paint.  When you tap a berry, it delightfully squishes, and then you can apply the colour to one of the wings.  As you paint, your marks are mirrored on the other wing.  As each berry is squished, another colour takes its place, so if you can’t find the colour you want, just keep squishing.  The lower control gives you several brush effects including differing thicknesses and spots.  After you have finished your butterfly, you can take a photo which will be added to the image roll on your device.  Below are some butterflies my children have created using the tools.

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The importance of Symmetry

Symmetry is one of those concepts so pervasive in our world that we sometimes overlook its importance.  In Mathematics it is a foundation concept for  Geometry. In physics, it is necessary to understand symmetry when it comes to transformations, such as rotations.  I found an article by Marvin Chesterthat explains how visual symmetry is connected to the laws of physics.  The parent information section in the App has some basic information about how the concept of symmetry is important in Art, Mathematics and Science.


This is a great app for young children (although my 9 y.0.s love it too).  Even though it is all about butterflies, it isn’t particularly girly, having some male as well as female butterfly characters.  Paint My Wingsis a good choice for those who want their children to have fun being creative while exploring a foundation Mathematical and Scientific concept of symmetry. Top quality at a very reasonable price. Publisher: Toca Boca Price: 99 cents Universal Paint My Wings - Toca Boca

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