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Making Music practice sound less like fighting cats

14 Feb

violin scroll

My girls are learning violin and need to practice often.  The problem arises when their violins are out of tune and that learning-to-play-the-violin sound turns into a several-half-dead-cats-fighting sound.  Pianos or electric keyboards are really handy, but if you don’t have one of them, there are Apps to help you tune just about any stringed instrument.  They all work the same way:  Just tap the strings on the virtual instrument to hear each note, then tune your instrument’s string to match.  Most have in-app advertising, but that tends to disappear if you turn off wi-fi.  Other apps such as virtual metronomes can also help.  I’m only mentioning free apps in this post, but there are many paid apps that claim to help students with music theory and practice.  Feel free to mention any music apps you use in the comments section. Continue reading

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