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Guest Blog – King of Math reviewed by Josh

5 Jun

Today I welcome a review from my very first guest blogger.  Josh is an 18 y.0. student from Melbourne who is studying for a Bachelor of Applied Science (Mathematics).  His own blog, Mathematical Mischief ( is aimed at helping everyone to get a better understanding of Mathematics and is a great resource for students.  Do go and visit his blog.

And now, over to you, Josh.

King of Math

Well, erm… Hi. I’m Josh. 🙂

Now, if you’re wondering where I’m from, what I do – let’s just say you can find it all at Mathematical Mischief. Today, though, I’m not here to spiel about my blog, or what I do.

I’m here to talk about a game called ‘King of Math‘, made by the awesome dudes over at Oddrobo Games (they’re Swedish).
The first three level packs are available in game when you download the app (which is free), but to play the remaining levels, you need to buy the in game pack (which is $0.99, well worth the investment).

Click the logo to go to iTunes!

So you’re bored, slightly competitive, and really like math. You’re not quite sure what you could do, though. Here’s your answer, if you’re up for the challenge. Continue reading

Fractions – Smart Pirate

19 Apr

Fractions was never fun when I was school, except when I got to play with food.  Now my children have the benefit of a fun App with a few activities to help reinforce what they are learning about fractions.


There are four activities, each with 3 levels of difficulty.  The levels of difficulty mean the App could be used for children in middle to upper primary school.  A training mode guides children through each activity, although the caption has a glaring misspelling. A cute musical theme plays in the background but it can be turned off using the control on the main screen. (Believe me, you’ll want to use it as the ‘cute’ wears off fairly quickly.) Continue reading

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