Lasso Kid – Logical thinking games with a Christmas bonus

4 Dec

lasso kidLasso Kid is a free logical thinking puzzle game from Kidcore Network that is aimed at young children but that  older children and even adults will find entertaining and challenging. Today I’m reviewing the iPad version of the app, but there is an iPhone version as well that has all the same features.

Poor Lasso Kid!  While he was sleeping, his animals escaped and he needs to catch them and rope them together.  You need to tether similar animals to a peg, trying not to run the rope through obstacles, and making sure ropes don’t cross each other.  The first few levels are fairly simple and are designed to introduce the main concepts of the puzzle, but later they get a little more complex with more animals, different types of animals (only similar animals can be joined together), more obstacles and more tether pegs.


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A point system is awarded based on how many animals are successfully tethered, so you can miss a couple and still complete the level. Being able to move on without a perfect score will help avoid frustration for younger players who “nearly get it.” The point system also encouraged my children to retry levels to better their score.    I was happy to note that there does not seem to be a time penalty (I purposely took more than 5 minutes to complete one game and still scored a perfect score) as some children don’t perform well with time pressures.

Lasso Kid is great for kids to play on their own, but I find that my children get more out of it when they do the puzzles together.  There is a lot of discussion about the best way to do things,  revision of plans, and shared success.

You can see the app in action in the YouTube trailer below:

Lasso Kid is free and comes with 30 puzzles (the Farm theme and the new Christmas theme, each with 15 puzzles) to get you started.  There are four other themes available as a once-off in-app purchase of $3.79 (Australian dollars).  These include Under the Sea, Dinosaurs, Arctic Animals, and African animals.  I suppose I should point out something to Kidcore that a couple of my children noticed and have a bit of a beef about:  polar bears and penguins do NOT go together.  They belong on opposite ends of the Earth.  Still, in the spirit of doing some fun puzzles, they are prepared to accept it just this once!  Don’t let it happen again! 🙂  That is all.

Other Features

A Parent section is hidden behind a lock function and allows you :

  • Add new player profiles
  • Unlock extra puzzle sets with in-App purchases
  • learn about the free features able to be accessed with a free online account with theKidcore club.  These features are designed to help you get more from the app by:
    • Tracking your child’s progress
    • Hide in-app purchase hints
    • Getting more out of the activities.
  • Activities don’t require any reading skills and are accessible by people who are hearing impaired or from any language background.

What we Love

  • The puzzles are lots of fun and challenging at the same time.
  • The graphics are colourful and delightful.
  • Background sounds relate to the themes of the puzzles and are not overly distracting.
  • My favourite features are the child safety features:  there is no advertising, and children cannot access in-app purchases as they are hidden behind the parent section


Lasso Kid is a free app, so I’m not kidding when I say it is good value for money.  You get 30 for the price of……nothing!  The puzzles are fun and challenging for all ages, and will help them develop valuable logical thinking skills. The app is guaranteed to be safe for your children as the developers, Kidcore, are part of the the MomsWithApps organisation that promote high standards for child safety and privacy.  (You can read more about this organisation here.)  I strongly recommend downloading Lasso Kid and playing the free levels. After you do this, I think you’ll find yourself downloading the rest of the levels for the one-off $3.79 in-app purchase, which is tremendous value too.
Lasso Kid - Catching Animals Wise and Clever for Young and Old alike - Kidcore Network AG
Developer:Kidcore Network AG
iPad: Requires iOS 6 or higher
Price: FREE (60 extra puzzles over 4 themes are available with a one-off in-app purchase of $3.79)

Lasso Kid Pocket - Catching Animals Wise and Clever for Young and Old Alike - Kidcore Network AG

iPhone: Requires iOS 6 or higher
Price: FREE (60 extra puzzles over 4 themes are available with a one-off in-app purchase of $3.79)


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    I’m pretty sceptical with paid apps so I usually opt for free ones like this one. SimpleK12

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