My First App – Vol. 1 Vehicles – Updated and better than ever

13 Jun

My First App Vol 1 VehiclesThe My First App series from appp media is a great favourite with the younger children in our home.  I reviewed the first app in the series, My First app Vehicles, early last year.  As of yesterday, the app has been updated with a new Spot the Difference activity, a new animation, and new sounds and animations.  I’m reposting the original review today with the updates marked.


Puzzles are an important part of early learning.  They help children develop spacial awareness, problem-solving skills and more.  There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of puzzle apps in the AppStore, so it can be difficult to choose one.  My First App – Vol. 1 Vehicles  is a great puzzle app from appp media, the people behind Professor Kim – What’s Missing Here.  MFA Vehicles offers some traditional puzzles but with some great twists that make it supportive and high interest for a range of ability levels.  Thanks to Kristin Heitmann of appp media for providing me with this app for the review.


  • Attractive collage-style graphics – 16 different illustrations are used, although there are only 8 used per activity.
  • Four activities:  Puzzle, Matching Halves and Tilt Game and the new Spot the Difference game
  • Background music (Here we go ’round the mulberry bush) can be turned off.
  • Settings for children of different ability levels.


My First App Vol 1 Vehicles - puzzle activity


There are 8 different vehicle images to choose from, and you can use the settings to set the difficulty level from 2, 4, 6 or 9 puzzle pieces. For extra difficulty, you can select the rotation option that flicks some pieces around.  Use two fingers to rotate.  Children see the complete picture before it is broken into squares.  Drag and drop the pieces to the correct spot to complete the puzzle.


Match halves

This activity uses the same 8 images as the puzzle activity.  Two mis-matched vehicle halves appear on the screen.  scroll either half up or down until you find two halves that match.  Each vehicle has a different colour as a background, and this can help with the matches.  A successful match results in a reward animation.


Tilt ball game

This is a favourite activity in my home at the moment.  The 8 images used in this game are different to those used in the other two activities, and each has three “holes.”  Tilt your device to guide the ball into one of three holes in the picture.  When the ball enters the hole, it triggers an animation and the hole disappears.  The activity is complete once the ball has been guided to the three holes.  (The animation is different for each hole, and my toddler thinks they are hilarious!)

There is also the option to drag the ball to the hole, which will be helpful for those who find the tilting activity too difficult, for example very young children, or children with fine motor difficulties.

slide game

Spot the Difference

The new activity uses the same images as in the Tilt Ball game.  The screen is split with two nearly identical images, and children need to find and  the four differences.  A successful tap results in a circle appearing around the difference, and it being changed so that both pictures match.  A green light appears at the top of the screen, and the game is complete when you have found four differences and four green lights.  A reward sound plays for successful taps, and the lights animate at the end of the activity.  A nice feature is that the differences change each time you play.

This YouTube video by appp media gives a great overview of the app.

Things I love about this app

  • Simple operation – The layout of the app is clear, with simple controls that are easy to master.
  • No language barriers – there are no written or verbal instructions, making it suitable for children of any nationality and for children with a hearing impairment.
  • No external links, in-app purchases or advertising.  There is a web address for appp media that you can read via a subtle information button, but it is not a live link.
  • Supportive features – the different difficulty levels, the coloured backgrounds, and the drag option in the tilt game all allow this game to be used by children with a variety of physical and intellectual abilities.  It will be well suited to special ed environments as well as being great for families with children of different ages and abilities.
  • Graphics – I love the collage-style graphics. Perhaps I’m biased as I’m a keen scrapbooker, stamper and card-maker myself, but there is something entirely gorgeous about these illustrations.

Wish List

My wish list from the last review included wanting more vehicles, an app dedicated to animals (we were keen on that match halves game being done with animals!) and some more volumes.  Well, appp media have delivered all that, although not in the way I was expecting.  My First App Vol. 2 – Circus and My First App -Vol. 3 – Airport have since been published.  There are more vehicles, particularly in the Airport app, and lots of animals in both the new apps.  All I can wish for now is that the apps keep coming!


appp media has once again produced a great early concepts app that offers more features than most apps. My First App – vol. 1 Vehicles is bright, fun and great value. If you like this app, you should try the others in the series.  It was great to wake up this morning and see the app featured in the Kids app section of the iTunes store, and deservedly so!

Publisher:  Appp Media
Price:  $2.49

My First App - Vol. 1 Vehicles - appp media

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