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28 Feb

tiny robot maker app iconTiny Robot Maker  by Australian developers, Tiny Twiga Studios, is a simple app packed with a lot of creative fun. Children choose from different options to create robots, and then can use these robots to create printable colour-ins, cards and invitations.  The app is aimed at a young audience, but older children can have fun with their younger siblings, as my children did, and the app might also be suitable for older children with special needs.

Using the App

The main parts of each robot are:

  • Bodies – 4 shapes including a sphere, cone, rectangle and cylinder.
  • Heads
  • Faces
  • Body details (e.g dials, buttons, lights etc)
  • Legs
  • Arms
  • Antennae

For each of these parts, children select from a variety of options such as colour for the body or the type of arm, leg or antennae shape.  Some selections will determine options available for other features, such as the type of head may limit antennae options.

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When it comes to placing items such as the arms and legs, a very clever feature means that children only need to pick the style they want, without having to worry about selecting one with the correct orientation. The app automatically switches the arm to the left or right as it is dragged to that side of the robot.

After you finish your robot, you can save it in your Robot Gallery. Robots have traditionally been a “boy” toy, even though I’m sure I wasn’t the only girl in the world fascinated with them. In Tiny Robot Maker, there are lots of options to help create more “girly” robots, and my children (and I) had fun creating robots of all shapes, sizes and genders.


Creating printed options from your robots is very simple:

  1. Choose a robot from your gallery
  2. Select the export symbol to see the four options (blank card, birthday card, party invitation or poster)
  3. select either colour or black and white.
  4. tap your choice to export the item to your camera roll.

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From your camera roll you can print directly using an air printer, or connect to a printer using your favourite option. I think the robots would look fantastic printed with special printing materials such as iron-on transfers, magnets, or shrinkies.

Expert Opinion

I’m clearly not in the target age range (iTunes has this listed in its Best for Ages 5 & Under category in the Kids section) so I thought I’d ask someone closer to that group, Mr 6.  Mr 6 put the app through its paces and declared that “I just love it, Mum.”  We discussed if there was anything he wanted to add to the app, or anything he wanted to do but couldn’t, and he suggested that it might be fun to put more than one decoration on the Robot’s tummy, “but they might not fit so maybe we should just stick to one.” When asked what he loved best about the app:  “Just EVERYTHING, Mum.  Its AWESOME.”  I think that sums it up perfectly.  My 2 Yr old can also use the app independently, although usually he plays it with an older sibling, usually with lots of smiles and giggles.

Check out the app in action in the official YouTube trailer:


I have no Wish List for Tiny Robot Maker as I can’t really think of anything I’d add to this app. The program is simple and fun to use while having a practical application in the real world. Mr 6 will be having a birthday party later this year and is keen on using this app to design his invitations and thank you cards. We might also find robots turning up to decorate goodie bags and other party items. If you have a young robot fan in your family, this is the perfect app. It is no wonder Tiny Robot Maker swiftly made it to iTune’s Best New Apps list.  Congratulations to Tiny Twiga Studios on such a delightful, entertaining and creative app.

Publisher:  Tiny Twiga Studios
Price: $2.99
iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/tiny-robot-maker/id729354370?mt=8&uo=4

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