My First App – Vol. 3 Airport

18 Feb

my-first-app-vol-3Today I’m reviewing the third in appp media’s My first App series looks.  While Volume 1 looked at Vehicles and Volume 2 took us to the circus, with this latest volume we get to visit the airport.  If you hare familiar with the other apps in this series, you’ll already know you are in for a treat.  


There are four activities in the app and they are identical to the activities in the other 2 My First App apps.  (That sounds funny.)

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  • Puzzle– 8 pictures of airport vehicles. You can alter the difficulty level for the child so they may solve the puzzle with 2, 4, 6 or 9 puzzle pieces. An extra element of difficulty can be added with the rotation option where children may need to rotate a piece to the correct orientation. This is off by default. You can have children of different ages and abilities solving the same puzzles at their own level.

  • Turning Game– My children call this “Slide and Match”. Half a picture is presented and you must find the match the other by dragging up or down to scroll through the pictures. Once the two halves are matched correctly, an amusing animation sequence is triggered. This activity uses the same 8 pictures as the Puzzle activity.

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  • Pinball – Roll or drag the marble into one of the three holes in each scene. There are three target holes in each scene, and a different animation is triggered each time a ball enters a hole. The scenes tell stories about passengers and workers around the airport, for example one scene has a giraffe putting her handbag through the security x-ray and finding a pair of scissors. She disposes of the scissors in the bin, and everyone is happy. Other scenes look at walking through the metal detectors, going to the toilet on the plane and using the lights as cues to it being occupied or vacant, checking in luggage, and picking up luggage.
  • Spot the difference – This activity uses the same 8 scenes as the Marble Roll activity. Children are presented with two images and have to find 4 differences. Four green lights are lit as the child taps on each difference, and a reward sound plays on completion. There are no penalties for incorrect taps, although a “tinny” sound will play. Correct taps result in a different sound and the area is highlighted with a blue ring.

You can see My First App – Vol.3 Airport in action in appp media’s YouTube video below:

Other Features

Illustrations: I’m a big fan of appp media’s colourful, collage-style illustrations, and they look fantastic in this app. While comic in style, there are lots of details in each illustration that will prove useful when discussing visits to the airport and aeroplane trips with children.

Sound – The pleasant background music can be turned off. It is nice to see the music on/off controls clearly visable in every screen, so you don’t have to leave an activity to find it. Other sounds still play when the music is off, such as character, vehicle and prop noises.

Simple controls – The app is very intuitive and easy to use. My 2 y.o. has no trouble navigating to his favourite activities and scenes.


I normally have a Wish List but for this app, I can’t think of anything I’d change or add, so I’ll skip right to the verdict.  appp media have again delivered a delightful app with My First App – Vol. 3 Airport. Their My First App formula is a winner and I hope to see more in the series.  My 2 year old loves the illustrations and the animations, as do his older siblings, and I enjoy playing it with him.  This will be a great app for young children and is also going to be useful for children with special needs.  If you have an air trip coming up in the near future and you have a child in either of those groups, this might be a great app to help them prepare for the journey and have fun at the same time.

Publisher: appp media
Price: $1.99
iTunes Link: –

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