JukeStyle Stylus Review and Giveaway

17 Sep

Although tablets and smart phones work well with fingers, I still like to use a stylus. I now have several of them, including a couple I reviewed last year.  

There are a number of reasons you should use a stylus, and here are just a few of mine:

  • The screen doesn’t need cleaning so much (particularly if children are using the device.)
  • A stylus is more accurate for things like drawing, writing, and doing those fiddly little picture-logic puzzles I love. My kids find it helps with accuracy in some of their games.
  • Less of the screen is obscured by your hand as you use the stylus.

Once you use a stylus, I’m sure you’ll see even more reasons.

Today I am reviewing the JukeStyle Stylus.

First Impressions

On first glance, the JukeStyle Stylus appears much like many others on the market: it is about the same length as a iPhone, making it easy to store in cases, purses etc. (I keep mine in my wallet.) The rubber tip is good quality and works really well, and I’ve had no problems with it the month or so I’ve used it.

Stylus/Pen Combo

The big deal with the JukeStyle Stylus is that it also includes a pen.  I’ve seen some 2-in-1 stylus/pen combos before, but these have usually been the length of a standard pen, which is not so handy for storage in iPhone cases. Some have been the same length as a stylus, but these just don’t feel right in my hand as I’m writing. The JukeStyle Stylus has addressed both of these issues for me. As mentioned above, the stylus is the size of an iPhone and is easy to store.  The end of the stylus detaches out to reveal a pen, which can then be reattached to create a full-length pen. The resulting pen is a standard pen length and feels great to write with.

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Other Information

I noticed on the JukeStyle website that they can add company logos to the stylus for companies wishing to create promotional materials. As a customer, I think this would be a really smart idea, as I take my JukeStyle Stylus everywhere and use it often.

The JukeStyle Stylus is only available online at the very reasonable price of $10, which is cheaper than any of my other styluses. If an Australian distributor were to start selling them here, I’d be lining up. JukeStyle offers discounts for things like FaceBook likes, so check their website for more details.

Wish List

Normally I have a “wish list” for features I’d like to see added, but I’m really struggling to find anything to say. Perhaps one might wish for some different colours, but that is about it.


I’ve really enjoyed using the JukeStyle Stylus, and it has become my favourite stylus in a short time. Not only does it perform well as a stylus, but I have a full-length pen on demand that is still small enough to fit in my wallet. The price is very competitive, so what’s not to love?

Contact Details

You can order your JukeStyle Stylus from their website at www.jukestyle.com

YouTube Demonstration:  http://www.youtube.com/user/jukestylestylus

FaceBook Page: www.facebook.com/Jukestyle

Email:  sales@jukestyle.com


Jeff from Jukestyle is going to give one lucky reader their own Jukestyle Stylus.

To Enter, share this review on Facebook and tag my Facebook Group (On Sarah’s iPad) so I know you’ve shared.

Entries close on October 1, 2013, and the winner will be chosen at random and contacted after that date.

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