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10 Oct

Baby Learns Colors app iconBaby Learns Colors is designed to do as the name suggests, but with more features than you might expect. These special features make it stand out from other similar apps and make it a useful, fun and motivating for kids in preschool, and for some older children too.  Read on to find out more.


There are two main activities:  Learn and Play.  Both activities use one of three scenes (my children call them  Colour Blobs, Under the Sea or Rockets in Space).  The scenes have different levels of ability, and use 12 colours.

  • Colour Blobs – The easiest scene has 7 large blobs of different colours (chosen at random from the 12) that all stay still, apart from the odd jiggle.
  • Under the Sea – fish swim across the screen.  There are more colours to choose from, and the fish are in two sizes.  Moving targets make it a little more difficult than the blogs activity.
  • Space – rockets and other spacecraft fly in all directions.  They are much tinier and there are more colours again. Again, this level is more difficult than the previous levels as it is harder to track the smaller targets of space craft as they move in all directions.

Learn mode – Select one of three Tap on the blobs, fish or rockets to hear their name spoken aloud.  Each item reacts as it is touched, for example the rockets will zoom a little as their colour is announced.

Play mode – The character asks you to touch (or find) a colour.  Items matching the correct colour react with a small movement, and verbal praise is given.  If the child chooses incorrectly, the child is prompted to try again and the question is repeated.  The question can be repeated by tapping on the narrator character.  After 5 correct answers, children receive an award.

Paint – Tap the paintbrush on any of the scenes in Play mode to find a colouring activity.

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Normally activities such as this can get a bit boring after a short time, but this App has, as my children say, “really cool” rewards.  For every five correct answers, children earn a bebeka, which is a little cartoon animal.  The animals are added to a scene where they can be moved about and respond to being tapped.  There is even an option to feed the animals, and it is lots of fun to work out which food each animal likes to eat.  I can guarantee that these rewards will have any child motivated to keep going back to practice their colours again and again.   My only suggestions here would be an options to set how many questions per reward, if they have to be correct in a row (to discourage random tapping) and multiple profiles so my children could have their own little bebeka worlds.


The app comes with several child Avatars of both sexes and several racial types, each with a different voice.  You can apply specific voices to specific scenes. Several voices are installed with the App, but you can download others for free.  We downloaded and use Kylie, an adult voice with an Australian accent, but there are many other accents and languages available.  You can even create your own voice recordings (or record your child) and add it to the Avatar library, which we will be doing soon (just trying to find a quiet time and place to record one or two of the kids). This is a brilliant idea as it makes the app a handy resource for multilingual families, and for those learning new languages.  LOTE (Languages Other Than English) teachers wanting to reinforce colour names might like to try this App.  My children study Japanese at school, but at the moment there is no Japanese voice.  I’ll be checking back regularly.


I’m no Luddite, but I don’t believe in giving babies expensive electronic devices to learn concepts that they should be learning through exploring the real world, so I was a little sceptical when I saw the title of this App.  Anything with “Baby” in the title tends to put me off so normally I might have overlooked this one.  I’m glad I was able to have a look at Baby Learns Colors one because I think it will be very useful, not for babies, but for preschoolers, children in primary who are having difficulties identifying colours, children learning second languages, and children with special needs.  If you would like to try this App before you buy, a Lite version is available for free on the iTunes store.


Thanks to Tanya Kolosova from Bebebe Co.  for giving me this App to review.  I am happy to accept App codes for review purposes, and I offer my honest opinions on each App.

Publisher:  Bebebe Co.
Price: $2.99
iPad only
Baby Learns Colors - Bebebe Co.

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