10 Aug

Here is a review of a great writing app to suit all ages, particularly for students who have learning difficulties, as it has a lot of supportive features. Reblogged from OT’s with Apps.

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AppWriter, an iPad app developed by LingApps features  text to speech, basic word prediction and a very easy interface. It is a favorite of mine however its regular price of $19.99 made me think twice about purchasing it (although I did without regret!). As a back to school sale LingApps has reduced to $12.99, a pretty good deal for this easy to use app easily used as assistive technology for elementary to middle school or older students.

Here are a few screen shots of AppWriter if you are not familiar with it:

AppWriter app has a simple interface making it a great tool for elementary and middle school students with learning challenges. You will find more information on the app in the recent AppWriter review at: http://wp.me/p1w0d0-sk .

I believe this is a good, solid writing app for students. Copying and pasting text into the app makes it a basic text to speech reader also.

This is…

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