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4 Aug

Kapu Forest App icon - pink owlKapu Forest by Kapu Toys is promoted as a digital toy box, and that is really what it is. With this App, children can explore a forest to find 12 animals and their associated games and activities.   Aimed at children aged 1 to 4, it is both educational and fun, particularly when shared with a friend or adult.  I won the code for this App in a giveaway promotion on AppAble, so I’d like to thank them and the Kapu Toys for that.  Having said that, I’d be happy to pay money for this one as it is top quality.  I was going to include some screen shots of the App, but I’ve found a video on YouTube that gives you a better idea of what the App is like:


  • Easy navigation – swiping across the screen moves you though the forest where you can find 12 forest animals.
  • Tap on each animal to Reveal games and activities.  These include:
    • sorting mushrooms
    • growing and picking carrots
    • feeding baby birds
    • building a dam by matching shapes
    • helping frog catch flies
    • lighting fireflies
    • guiding ladybug down the river (maze)
    • pecking a hole in a tree with woodpecker
    • feeding berries to fox
    • guiding mole through tunnels
    • harvesting pollen with the bees
    • feeding the squirrel
  • You can control how much time your child plays by setting limits in the Parent section.
  • The background music is pleasant but can be turned off from the control in the main screen.
  • Download wallpaper of your child’s favourite character via the Parent section.
  • No in-app purchases or social media links.  There are some discreet links in the Parent section to Feedback and Support.
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Multilingual – The App has several languages available, including English, Spanish, Russian, German and Finish with more to follow.   Access the language settings in the Parent section.


Most of the forest animals are not the kind Australian children (or many in the Southern Hemisphere for that matter) would come across, although they are familiar as we find them often in stories and popular media.  You might need to help your child name  the animals, and talk to them about the animal to give them that background knowledge that they don’t have.  This is the same strategy you should use when sharing story books with your children.

Currently the App is available in five languages mentioned above but will be coming out in other language versions.  The language only applies to the Parents section and logo, as the activities do not use written or spoken language.  Any child from any country with any level of language ability would be able to play these activities.

A limited free version is available to help you evaluate the App for iPad or iPhone.  Links are below.


Kapu Forest is an App that young children will enjoy playing with by themselves, will enjoy more and gain more from when played with an adult, older sibling or with peers.  Older children with special needs might also enjoy it, particularly if they are “helping” a younger friend.  I can’t wait to see what these people come up with next – Kapu Bush/Outback?  Just a suggestion 🙂

Publisher:  Kapu Toys
iPad version (Kapu Forest HD)
Price : $2.99

Kapu Forest HD - Kapu Toys

Download the free Lite Version for iPad

iPhone Version
Price: $1.99
Kapu Forest - Kapu Toys

Download the free Lite version for iPhone

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