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App Review – Crayola ColorStudio

25 Jun

I’ve been wanting to have a look at Crayola ColorStudio for some time but after this review, I think I’ll pass. I think this post says it all.

25 Jun

Some thoughts about using interactive books with children. Although I have some good eBooks on my iPad, I think this post really sums up why they will never replace story time with “real” books with my children. At the very least, there is something so much warmer about sitting down with an old-fashioned book than with an eBook reader.

Acorns to Oaks Centre

Deadline News
Claire McKim
June 24, 2012


READING interactive e-books to under-threes could hinder their development and break vital bonds between parent and child, experts have warned.

Digital books, which allow children to physically interact with storylines, are becoming increasingly popular in Scotland, with new versions of classics such as ‘Peter Rabbit’ and ‘Alice In Wonderland’ including interactive elements for children to participate in.

But child development specialists warn that the interactive storybooks could have a damaging effect on the growth of under threes – and could even harm their eyesight.

JK Rowling offers an interactive experience of her Harry Potter books.


Some authors have embraced the digital books trend, with Scot JK Rowling offering an interactive experience of the Harry Potter novels on her Pottermore website.

But others, such as The Gruffalo author Julia Donalson, have refused to move to digital and spoken out about the importance…

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