Guest Post: Math Formulas reviewed by Josh

22 Jun

This is my 50th official blog post and I’m handing it over to Josh, who previously reviewed King of Math for me.  I’m really happy for him to review this App as he is much more of an expert in Mathematics than myself, and you deserve an informed opinion.  Math Formulas is an App that will be handy for High School and Tertiary students studying Mathematics, and particularly Algebra.  If you are a Mathematics teacher, student, the parent of a student, or have a friend who is a student, put them on to Josh’s blog (mentioned below.)  Josh takes questions from students, provides tips and tricks for homework help, and occasionally hosts live streamed Q & A sessions.   Take it away Josh:

The Review

Hi, it’s me again!

By me I mean Josh. From Mathematical Mischief. But that’s not what I’m here to talk about, 🙂

Today, I’m here to talk about another of Oddrobo Software’s apps. Last time, I covered King of Math. Today’s review is of something a little bit more basic – the app is called Math Formulas.

Click the Link to go to the App Store!

Now, as a student, I’m constantly having to learn new materials. I remember sitting in high school on a few occasions, hoping that there was some sort of quick reference I could use to help me understand topics. Fortunately, there were some materials, or I was able to make my own. As time has passed, though, it’s become harder to find decent materials.

Now, Math Formulas is not a fix all. It will not tutor you – it does not have videos. But as a reference material, it is damn useful in finding stuff quickly. It provides over 100 different formulas for students (and teachers) to use.

Screenshot of ‘Math Formulas’

Personally, knowing a lot of this stuff puts me at an advantage – I just need to look to be reminded. Others may have some difficulty with grasping some of the concepts, but Oddrobo has made an attempt at dealing with that. There are some examples alongside the questions, and the graphics are rendered beautifully.


  • Interface is super accessible, and the search bar makes finding things super easy.
  • Materials are presented in an easy to understand way, with examples present for many topics.
  • Heaps of formulas – great for high school!

You’re also able to store your favorites in a separate folder, and there is a search tool (which is good when you’re not quite sure what topic you need).


As with any app though, I do have my quips.

  • Example Layout– Not necessarily there for all questions, and for some, they’re very squashed – utilising the iPad screen would be incredibly useful in expanding, clarifying, or even adding more examples.
  • Lack of Notation – Maybe it was just me, but I couldn’t see any way you could annotate the notebook. I have to admit, having the resources is great. Having a little bit of digital paper to write down your own notes could be incredibly useful, though.
  • Subject Titles – This isn’t necessarily an oversight by the designers of the app, but for some topics, the names used aren’t necessarily the same across continents (i.e. PEMDAS is known in Australia as BODMAS or BIDMAS). It may be an idea in further updates for Oddrobo to add tags to denote these extra titles, but it doesn’t affect the app either way.

Apart from that, Oddrobo provides the iOS userbase with an excellent resource for maths students here and abroad. 🙂

Publisher: Oddrobo Games
Price: 99 cents
Universal – will work on both iPhone and iPad.

Math Formulas - Reference Guide - Oddrobo Software AB

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