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Blue Quoll eBooks

14 May

Blue Quoll is a Queensland company that publishes beautiful picture eBooks. Currently they have two Apps in the App store, both written by Lucia Mascuillo and Vincenzo Pignatelli and both offering a twist on familiar traditional tales.


Both Apps are universal and can be purchased for $1.99 from the iTunes App store

Mr. Wolf and the Ginger Cupcakes - Red Riding Hood, kids storybook - Blue QuollMr Wolf and the Ginger Cupcakes – We are all familiar with the “Little Red Riding Hood” story.  The twist in this one involves Bingo, an entomologist, and a game of chess.  (Hope I haven’t spoilt it for you!)  It is very entertaining and made me laugh when I was reading it with my children.  We still giggle at the same spots when we re-read it.  The English narrator has a very entertaining style when she does the different voices.  Download the Lite version to preview the App before you buy.

Puss in Boots - The Great Adventure - Blue QuollPuss in Boots – The Great Adventure – In this version, Puss is helping a budding musician, and the twist comes about because of a surprise relationship between Puss and the Ogre.  I really love how this story ends.  It has some very touching and some very funny scenes and your children will love it (and you will too.)


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