Smart Pirate – First Adventure

11 May

You might recall I recently reviewed Fractions – Smart Pirate.  Smart Pirate has another App, this time looking at more basic concepts of colour, time, addition and subtraction

There is a game for each of the three areas, and all games are played the same way:   guide the pirate around the island to find as much treasure as he can before the time runs out.  Options are available to move the pirate to the North, South, East or West. Children select an option that matches an item in the direction the wish the pirate to go.  An arrow on the screen indicates the direction the pirate should go to find treasure.   Levels of difficulty are unlocked as the child progresses. To get an idea of the game, have a look at this YouTube video:

Learning Areas

I’m calling these “learning areas” but that is a very loosely applied term, as these activities won’t help a child learn anything.  They do offer a chance to practice skills and develop speed and accuracy with recall.  It will be suitable for children from Prep to about years 2 or 3.

Colour – match colour names to coloured jewels on the compass points.  The lower levels have the basic primary and secondary colours.  As they progress to higher levels, children find more shades of colours, including some with different and even obscure names.  Colours seem to be placed at random, however sometimes, on the highest level, they may be faced with a choice of 3 or 4 different shades of the same colour, some being very similar. Try discerning the difference between Light Blue, Turquoise and Motton Blue, if you want a real challenge.  Sometimes the names of colours do not match my understanding, for example the scarlet jewels are more pink than the bright red I usually associate with that name.

Time – match the digital times to the analogue clocks on the map. The levels of difficulty progress from telling time by hour, half hour, quarter-hour and then 5 minutes intervals.

Maths – addition and subtraction problems are matched to their answers on the map around the pirate.  The levels of difficulty are:  numbers to 10, numbers to 20, numbers to 100, numbers to 1000.


The App is fun and motivating for children.  It make a great reward activity and offers a chance to practice some Math skills (not to mention to learn the names of a few obscure colours – did many of you know that Lake is a shade of red?)  Best of all, it is free, so download and enjoy.

Publisher:  Andrey Tanakov
iPad only

Smart Pirate. First adventure - Andrey Tanakov

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