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4 Apr

While I love my iPad, one thing I’ve found frustrating is the inability to access Flash websites. My children are allowed to access the Internet under my supervision, and the iPad is great for this as they can have the iPad wherever I am. Even a laptop doesn’t have that kind of flexibility (and I don’t want kids carrying laptops around the house). The big frustration has been their inability to access Flash sites, including one site that is part of their weekly homework.  It means relocating to another room to sit with them while they do their task, while mine remain undone just that bit longer.  (Could being a slave to their education be my excuse for a messy house?)

Rover changes all of that.  It has been designed specifically for the educational needs of teachers and K-12 students and packs a lot of features into a free app.

Supportive Features

    • Content-filtering to protect students from inappropriate content.  (Note: – I still don’t believe anything is 100% foolproof, so children still need supervision, but this feature makes things a lot easier.)
    • No personal data is tracked.
    • Firewall friendly – it claims it will work with existing IT standards and systems in schools, although I haven’t been able to check this.
    • Easy to use.  You’ll find the interface very similar to the Safari browser.  You can navigate to specific sites, add bookmarks.
    • YouTube content is restricted to educational channels.
    • Featured Content  – There are built-in links to featured sites and also sites divided into Elementary, Middle and High school.


  • Rover requires a Wi-Fi connection to work, and this includes 3G devices.  For those of you worried about phone bills, this could be a good thing.
  • If you want to access an educational YouTube channel that is not on the list, contact them and they will look at adding it.  (Website link below.)
  • Video can sometimes look a bit clunky, but I believe that will improve.
  • Don’t think that you will be able to access free-to-air catchup television, such as on Channel 7’s Flash-based Plus7, because they are not accessible through the filter. This isn’t what the app is about anyway.


If you want your child to be able to access flash-based educational activities, get this App.  It is possibly the most useful thing I’ve put on my iPad.  Ever. I can’t believe it is free.

Available for iPad only
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