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Can Apps help your child with Show-and-Tell?

5 Mar
Public speaking

Public speaking (Photo credit: brainpop_uk)

Recently I went along to the parent information evenings at our primary school.  Along with all the other information we received, the teachers in each class discussed the importance of the weekly oral presentation our children are expected to do each week.  The children are working on developing good oral presentation skills, including looking at the audience and speaking clearly.  Each week they are rostered to do a talk on a particular topic.

Teachers suggest we get our children to practice their talks at home, particularly the talk that is assessed (one per term).  My children tend to do well, but they are reluctant to practice before hand, and one of them has a bit of a problem with mumbling.  What to do, what to do.  One of the teachers suggested that we record the children.  In “the olden days” everyone had a tape recorder, but these days it is not as common.  Luckily there are things we can do with mobile devices that can help. Continue reading

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