Moo Media goes Mobile – Four Picture eBooks your children will love

29 Feb

Moo Media book opening screenToday I’m sharing not one but FOUR children’s picture ebooks that have been beautifully translated into the eBook format by Loud Crow Interactive. Four of Sandra Boynton’s beautifully illustrated stories are now available as eBooks for iPod, iPhone and Android. The series is perfect for young children.


Sometimes you come across an App that does everything you want it to do.   The features of each book read like a list of everything I could wish for in a quality children’s eBook.

  • Modes– children can select to “Read the story myself” or “The Big Guy Reads it.”
  •  Narration is clear, warm, gentle and well-paced.
  • Interactive text – Individual words can also be tapped to read.  This feature is particularly helpful for children who are nearly independent readers but who stumble over the odd word.
  •  Words are highlighted as read.
  •  Interactive illustrations – animations are very supportive of the text.  For example, in The Going to Bed Book, children can help the animals go through the motions of getting ready for bed. They help the animals have a bath, brush their teeth, wash etc.
  •  Rhyme– the books have a natural rhythm and rhyme.  Rhyme is an important pre-reading skill and leads to phoneme awareness and other reading skills.  Rhyming stories are one way you can help your child to gain these skills.    There are some links below to articles and documents with more information about helping your child to develop reading skills, and these discuss the importance of rhyme in more detail.Moo Media Blue Hat pages


Let me be clear on this, I don’t believe the eBook will ever take the place of a traditional book, particularly when it comes to picture books.  eBook readers and iPads won’t stand up to a lot of chewing and banging that the average toddler dishes out to their favourite books, nor will they cope with a spilled sippy cup.  For older readers, you can’t read them in the bath, and it will be a long time before I’d be game to toss them in the backpack and jump on a bike.  That being said, there is a limit to just how many things you can fit in a hand bag or nappy bag, and one iPad takes up far less room than a pile of books.  I have found them really handy when waits at the doctor’s get a bit long, or when waiting on a snack at a café.  Older siblings love to share them with the little ones in our house.

Children can use these kinds of books independently, but it is always better to share the story with them.  That will definitely not be a chore as the Moo Media eBooks are so good that parents are going to love reading them with their children.  Sandra Boynton’s books have always been a favourite with their beautiful text and illustrations, and Moo Media and Loud Crow Interactive should be congratulated for getting the eBook so right.

Titles Available

All books are published by Loud Crow Interactive.
Universal for both iPhone and iPad.  Android versions also available.
Price: $4.49

going to bed iconThe Going to Bed Book – help the animals to get ready for bed.

Available from the iTunes App store, and from the Amazon store for Android and as a board book.

moo baa iconMoo, Baa, La la La – do pigs really say La La La?  This is a fun story about animal sounds.

Available from the iTunes App Store, and from the Amazon store for Android and as a board book.

Blue HatBlue Hat, Green Hat – lovely story about different clothes and their colours.  Watch for the poor, confused turkey who keeps making mistakes.

Available from the iTunes App Store, and from the Amazon store for Android and as a board book.

barnyard dance iconBarnyard Dance – an old-fashioned hoedown.  Children can help the animals bow, spin, hop, promenade, and do other dance steps at the barnyard dance.

Available from the iTunes App Store, and from the Amazon store for Android and as a board book.

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