Making eBooks on your iPad: 10 ideas for Parents and Teachers

8 Feb

There are several Apps available that allow you to create your own books.  I’ve already posted about Keynote, Picturebook and Book Creator, but there are others.  Later on I’ll even cover a few ways of creating eBooks on your computer, but now we know these apps exist, the next question:  what to write?  Here are 10 ideas for parents and teachers to use to create eBooks with children.

1.  Social Stories – a common strategy used with students who have ASD are social stories.  These stories act as a guide through routines or events and help the student to prepare for what is happening.  An example might be a series of photographs and captions illustrating what will happen on a trip to the shops.  For more information about social stories, Katie Lyon has written a good article that you can find here on the Spectronics blog.

2.  Retelling traditional tales with a twist – what if the three billy goats gruff were the three kangaroos?  Scan or photograph children’s illustrations or use a graphics App to create them on the iPad.

3.  Class plays can be photographed and then turned into an eBook.

4.  Number stories – create a number book with a number and a matching illustration.  You could also create tour own illustrations for a number song such as the 5 ducks or 5 jelly fish.  You can extend this idea to create books for particular phonic elements (e.g. the Br Book), colours, positional concepts, opposites or any concept you’d like to highlight.

5.  Creative writing collections – An anthology of poems could be collated for individuals or a class.  The same can be done with their creative writing exercises.

 6.  What I did on my Holiday – create a story book with photos from your holiday.  This will also pay off when you get back to school and need a free-choice morning talk.  You could extend this to idea to reporting on school excursions.

 7.  School projects – Record and report the outcomes of Science experiments.  It is easy to grab graphics such as maps and photographs from the internet, and these could be used to publish other project reports.  You will need to talk to children about plagiarism and copyright issues.

 8.  A Joke book – collect and illustrate your favourite jokes.  (If you want to get really corny, you could add a laughter track.) I know that in my daughters’ classes they are hearing one joke a day.  That could make a pretty good collection by the rend of the school year.

9.  Our Family Album – Give each person their own page in an eBook with a few photos.  Write about their likes, dislikes, hobbies, dreams, and anything else you like.  It would certainly make an interesting take on the annual Christmas letter.

 10.  Family or Local History – Why not scan some of those old photos and create your own family history book? Schools are taking a closer look at local history as part of the National Curriculum, and eBooks would be a great method of publishing student reports, particularly if they wish to link to online content.  You could even add some oral history by inserting video or audio tracks of interviews.

So there you go. No excuses.  Get writing and make sure you let me know how you go.

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