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6 Feb

So your child goes up to their teacher and says “I’ve done my homework, Sir.  You can download it from the iTunes Bookstore….for a small price!”  Okay, selling homework on the iBook store is a little far-fetched at this stage, although it is possible, but how cool would it be to email your creative writing project to your teacher to be read using the iBook App and stored in your class/school iBook library?

Book Creator does exactly as its name suggests:  it creates books (with a little help from the authors, of course.). With Book Creator, you can quickly create a standard or audio iBook that can be read using the iBook App.  The amazing thing is that you can pack so many features into a free App.  With Create Books, you can add your own illustrations, text, narration, or sound track to your iBook.

The App links with your iPad’s photo and iTunes libraries, and you can record sound directly into each page.

Graphics can fit the whole screen (as in a double page spread), or they can be resized as desired, and you can have as many images as you wish on a page. There are vertical and horizontal,guide lines, and you can also choose to have images snap to a grid.  Text can be added anywhere, including over graphics.  You can also have a background to text boxes to make the text easier to read over graphic backgrounds.

Text screen shot for Book Creator App


  • Simple interface.   While not so basic as an app such as Picturebook, this App is still straightforward to use.  If you are familiar with Apple’s Pages or Keynote Apps, you will find the user interface very similar.  My 7 y.o. has no difficultly putting text and graphics on the screen.
  • Text options – Text can be altered in terms of size, font (over 50 fonts), colour, style, justification and background colour.  There are enough different fonts to keep anyone happy.
  • Page options – page colour can be altered and you can choose to have different colours on the left and right of the book.
  • Sound tracks from the iTunes library can be added to the whole book or for each page.  If you are sharing your book, you might want to think about copyright issues.  If you create your original soundtrack using an App such as GarageBand, you won’t have any copyright issues.
  • Narration can be added very easily using the iPad microphone.
  • Share your iBooks by email, DropBox, or iTunes
  • Detailed instructions are provided in the form of an iBook that you can read within the App.
create books - how to share your iBook


I don’t have too many clues about how this App could improve, but there are many ways you could use it.

  • iPad 2 users have (unlike me) the benefit of taking photographs that can instantly be added to a book.  Just think how easy it would be to take photos on an outing and then turn them into an iBook in the car on the way home.  It would make the ultimate reporting tool for school excursions.
  • If you don’t have a camera, children can use a drawing/painting App such as Art Set or Doodle Plus to create their illustration, which are then saved in your iPad’s Picture library.
  • On the same theme, you could make an album of a child’s artwork with them providing the captions.
  • Create your own illustrated version of a classic novel.  Search Project Gutenberg for books that are out of copyright.
  • If you are a writer yourself, it is a quick and easy way to publish your work.  Note:  Red Jumper Studios does not recommend this App for long texts such as novels, but I could see they would be good for short stories, picture books, and poetry.  I know I have a couple of poets following this blog, so tell me what you think.  If you do want to publish novels, I’m working on a post on how to do that.


Love it!  So versatile that it is suitable from early childhood up to self-publishing adults.  It is an ideal resource for schools to create their own iBook libraries and is an App children would find easy to use when publishing their own projects.

iPad only
Publisher: Red Jumper Studio
Price: $5.49

Book Creator for iPad - Red Jumper Studio

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