Everyday Maths: Top It Addition

1 Feb

Top It is a two-player addition game by McGraw-Hill that adds pairs of numerals from 0 to 9 and looks at concepts of greater than, less than and equal.  Players take turns dealing two cards each and then adding the values of each card together.  They get points for correct answers and then also for identifying if values are greater, less than, or equal to each other.  McGraw-Hill also has a second version of Top It for subtraction available on the iTunes store (Link below.)

Supportive Features

  • Instructions are spoken and are clearly stated at the start of the game.  Players are guided through the first two turns.
  • The game requires only basic addition skills, however the graphics are not too “childish” so the game will appeal to older children operating at this level.
  • If a mistake is made with the addition, the student is asked to try again, although success results in fewer points earned.  A second mistake on the same sum results in no score and the game moving on.
  • Apart from the Mathematical concepts being practiced, this game also encourages turn-taking.
  • There are very few distractions, if any, in the game.


  •  There does not seem to be an option for repeating instructions, other than by re-starting the game.
  • The player having the current turn will be highlighted in yellow.  Most students will cope with this, but for others it might be difficult to decide which player is selected.  An option for a flash might make it a little clearer.


This is a good drill and practice game and would work well in classrooms, particularly with older children who may have learning difficulties.  It lacks the excitement and noise of other drill and practice games, but in this case that is a strength.

Universal – will work on both iPad and iPhone
Publisher – McGraw-Hill School Education  Group
Cost:  $1.99

Everyday Mathematics® Addition Top It - McGraw-Hill School Education Group

The Top It Subtraction App is also available for the same price.

Everyday Mathematics® Subtraction Top-It™ - McGraw-Hill School Education Group

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