Times Table Cloud Click Game

23 Jan

Times Table Cloud Click Game looks exactly as its name suggests.  It is a drill and practice game for multiplication tables. Tables can be selected from 2 to 12, or mixed questions for an extra challenge. The 12 questions for each table are asked in random order, and progress through the table is timed.  Select the answers by tapping on the cloud with the correct answer.  The grey clouds are placed in random order and  become white once their answer has been correctly selected.  Correct responses move you on to the next question, and incorrect answers result in lightning and thunder and another chance to answer.  Upon completion of the table, children receive a prize monster, which is a cute graphic.

 Strong points

 Visually appealing and suitable for all ages.

No distracting elements so children get more than once chance to answer correctly.

Choice of tables – you can concentrate on tables being practiced in class, or you can target revision.

Rewards – children score points based on skill and accuracy, and there are a variety of prize monsters.


Results are not retained so you can’t watch progress over time through the app.  You could get around this by keeping your own records of points, times and accuracy.

Rewards are temporary –  the reward monsters only last while the results are displayed.


This is a good app for practicing times tables and it is suitable for children of all ages.  It is unfortunate that you can’t save progress reports or rewards, but it should be motivating enough for a quick game.

Universal: will work on both iPad and iPhone
Publisher: Lumpty Learning
Price: Free

Times table cloud click game - Lumpty Learning

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