MathBlaster Hyperblast

23 Jan

MathBlaster Hyperblast is a drill and practice app and covers addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. It is an arcade-style game where you tilt the device to progress through a spacey-looking tunnel, shooting various targets to earn points and avoiding obstacles.  You can select from three levels of difficulty for the arcade part of the game.  The Math drill and practice part occurs every so often when your path through the tunnel is blocked up by a  multi-armed robot.   The robot asks a series of Math questions and the answer is selected by tapping on one of the numbers in his hands. You can customise the App in terms of Math ability, however the highest level of Mathematics required would still be in the junior primary level, for example addition questions only go up to 24.  You can also select from three levels of difficulty for the arcade part of the game.

Strong points

This is a high interest activity for lower levels of Math ability, so it would appeal to older students who are still operating at this level.  The game is excited and children will be motivated to “get to the next level.”

You can customise the game in both the Mathematics content (by selecting the operations and the ability) and the gaming ability.


There seems to be a lot of game play before you get to the real Math. It would be possible for a child to keep “crashing” to the point where the game is over before they even get to the Maths questions.  I would be great if the Math element would cover basic facts to at least 100.


This is going to appeal to the older primary-aged children, no matter their level at Maths.  The game is exciting and gets increasingly difficult in terms of the arcade game.  It is inexpensive, however there are better drill and practice games in the App Store.

Published by Knowledge Adventure
MathBlaster HyperBlast - Knowledge Adventure
Regular Price:$2.99
Universal – will work on both iPad and iPhone/iPod Touch

Math Blaster HyperBlast is also available for Android via the Amazon Store

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