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Keynote (presentation software)

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One of the first and best Apps on my iPad is Keynote. You might have heard it referred to as “Apple’s answer to Powerpoint.” iMac users who use the iWork programs will be familiar with it, although the iPad version does not have all the features of the Mac OS version, an obvious example being sound. That being said, it is still brilliant, and more features are sure to show up in future updates.

Create a Slideshow

To make a Keynote slideshow you select a template from one of the twelve styles available, each of which has a variety of page layouts featuring various combinations of text and photos or other Saved images. (I’ll be reviewing some great drawing/painting Apps soon.)You can then add images from your photo collection and add your own text to make a slideshow. Slideshows can be exported to Keynote if you have a computer running the Mac OS, PowerPoint, or as a PDF file that can be viewed or printed. Tip: Organize your photos (or other images) before you begin.

What I use this for?

Well, if you’ve ever heard those words, “Mum, I have to give a talk on sharks/my holiday/transport in ancient times/ tomorrow!” then this will be a life saver. You can collect photos and facts from the Internet or from your own photo collections and add them to a keynote slideshow with captions. I’m not for a minute advocating plagiarism and I’d strongly suggest kids should always put things in their own words. Perhaps the last page of the slideshow could be a list of information and image sources. It is never too early to learn integrity.

Another use is to create your own iPad story books. Examples might include an alphabet book with a different letter per page, or perhaps a different letter per book. It is so quick and easy to make ” My Holiday” slideshows (also handy for morning talks). When one of my sons was at Kindy, he made a book where he picked the photos he wanted on each page and his older sisters (in Yr 2 at the time) typed in the text (he dictated, so it was his own words.). A great activity for all of them and very impressive results. I exported it to my computer and it was printed in moments.

Would be nice:

* To add sound, such as narration, background music, transition effects

The Verdict

If this was the only App on your iPad, apart from the ones pre-installed, you could still do a lot of fun activities to support learning. Best of all, they would be personalised and so of high interest to your child. I believe its versatility and ease of use makes it well-worth the price.

Universal:  will work on both iPad and iPhone
Cost:  $10.49
Publisher:  Apple Pty Limited

Keynote - Apple

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