Counting Bear

11 Jan


This cute little App is designed to help young children count numbers from 1 to 20. It features lovely photo graphics on a clear white background, which makes it easier for children to discriminate between each item. Children tap on each item to count it. This kind of activity is great for reinforcing one-to-one correspondence. “What is that?” I hear you ask? One-to-one correspondence is the most basic of Mathematical concepts. It is the ability to know that each item has a value.   In practical terms, it is the ability to count each item instead of haphazardly pointing and rattling off numbers.  It then leads to conservation of number, which is the understanding that the number of items in a group does not change, even when the items are rearranged in different shapes or patterns. 

Supportive Features

Now we come to a word I love when it comes to Apps: Customise. In this App there are several elements. you can customize. Firstly, you can record your own voice (or your child’s voice) to replace the Apps voice for basically all the sounds: numbers, pictures and reward noises. This also means you are not limited to English as you can record in any language you speak. You can also select any range of numbers to be counted (e.g. 1 – 5, 1 – 20, 16 – 20) and you can set them to be counted in order or randomly. Coolest of all, you can use your own photos so you use photos of your child’s own toys, clothes, favourite foods etc. I’m sure one of my children would love me to customize it so he could just count his Ben 10 characters.

Special Needs

If you have an older child who is still struggling with the concept, it is just the thing to create high-interest activities, e.g. counting pictures of their Lego Ninjas or Barbies instead of cute teddy bears.

The clear white backgrounds make it easy to discriminate between each item.

Items are highlighted as counted. This helps to discriminate between items that have been counted and those yet to be counted.

The Verdict

At 99 cents, I think it is a bargain for those with young children, or for those older children having difficulty with one-to-one correspondence.

Universal App: will work on both iPad and iPhone
Cost: 99 cents
Publisher: GrasshopperApps
Counting Bear -

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